What does Dreamcatcher Tattoo Mean?

Published on December 31, 2013 by Amy

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Dreamcatcher Tattoo
Dreamcatcher Tattoo

Any tattoo is personal to the person who chooses to get it, but the dreamcatcher tattoo is one of the most personal. This tattoo design is especially popular among women, and most of them have a deep personal reason for getting the ink. The mystical qualities of a dreamcatcher make them a very popular choice among women (and men) from all walks of life. What’s the meaning behind dreamcatcher tattoo? What do other popular tattoos mean?

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What does Dreamcatcher Tattoo Mean?

The dreamcatcher is a handmade item popular in Native American cultures. The dreamcatcher is a woven net or web that has certain adornments, such as beads, shells, gemstones, leather, feathers and the like. These items are usually things found in nature. It is typically hung in a bedroom, above a bed, or sometimes above a door. The idea is that happy, optimistic dreams will pass through the net, while the negative dreams or nightmares will become ensnared, so the dreamers has only good dreams. On the other hand, some believe that the negative dreams pass through the hole in the center of the dreamcatcher, while the good dreams are trapped, and thus become a part of that person’s destiny.

Whichever way it is, the tattoo signifies that harmful dreams are chased away and positive dreams will stay, bring protection to the one who wears the ink. In more realistic sense, the tattoo fights away bad things like scandals while letting the good, such as money, pass through.

What Are the Designs and Placement of Dreamcatcher Tattoo?

Once you decide to get the tattoo, the big question becomes one of placement and design. For men, dreamcatcher tattoos are usually placed on the upper arm, but they might also be inked as a large tattoo on the upper back. Women often have dreamcatcher tattoos in a smaller form on their shoulder, creating an elegant look.

When it comes to design, the options are virtually endless. As this is such a personal tattoo, choosing the design that speaks to you matters most. Most dreamcatcher tattoos have some sort of “natural” design, such as vines or leaves, to surround the center or make up the net. You might also choose a more elaborate net, one that is made of something that truly matters to you, such as an eagle or a sunset. A talented tattoo artist will be able to help you choose the design that is right for you.

Cultural Sensitivity Behind Dreamcatcher Tattoo

It is important to remember that though dreamcatchers might be popular, they are also a sacred symbol of Native American culture. Native Americans are protective of their culture, and rightfully so; therefore, the use of these tattoos is cause for controversy, especially when those who do not have a Native American heritage choose to display them on their bodies. Some people might see your tattoo as being inappropriate, insensitive or even offensive. Before you take the plunge and get a dreamcatcher tattoo, make sure you understand what it means and can articulate your personal reasons for getting this particular type of tattoo.

Meanings of Other Common Tattoos

If you are uncertain about getting a dreamcatcher tattoo, keep in mind that there are many alternatives that might suit you. Each of the following tattoos has some sort of “hidden meaning” that can give you a lovely tattoo that has a purpose behind it.

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