Ulkatcho Indian Tribe of British Columbia

Published on October 9, 2010 by John

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Ulkatcho Indian

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Ulkatcho Indian

The Ulkatcho First Nation is a Dakelh First Nations government in the Canadian province of British Columbia. It is a member of the Carrier Chilcotin Tribal Council, its offices are located in Anahim Lake, British Columbia at the western edge of the Chilcotin District. The Ulkatcho government is responsible for 22 Indian reserves with a population of 729 members living on-reserve, and another 200 living off reserve. Its people are of the Ulkatchot’en ethnic group, a subgroup of the Carrier (Dakelh). Ulkatcho people have intermarried heavily with both Nuxalk and Chilcotin people and share territory in the Coast Range with the Nuxalk. Many distinctively Ulkatcho family names, such as Cahoose, Capoose, Sill, Squinas, and Stilas come from Nuxalk.

The name Ulkatcho is an anglicisation of Ulhk’acho, the name of one village, now disused, on Gatcho Lake. Ulhk’acho means “big bounteous place”, a place with bountiful fish, game, and other resources. It is based on the root k’a “fat”.

Chief and councillors

Allen Louie, Chief
Benny Cahoose
Gary Holte
Zack Parker
Dayton Sulin
Harvey Sulin
Previous chiefs were Lynda Price, Alan Weselowski, Cassidy Sill, and Jimmy Stilas.


Lance Cahoose Memorial Ball-hockey tournament May 18 to 20


The figures following each reserve name are its area, in hectares.
Ulkatcho Indian Reserve No. 1 1 ha.
Squinas Inian Reserve No. 2 400 ha.
Thomas Squinas Ranch Indian Reserve No. 2A 248.5 ha.
Towdystan Lake Indian Reserve No. 3 258.2 ha.
Abuntlet Lake Indian Reserve No. 4 129.5 ha.
Ulkatcho Indian Reserve No. 5 129.6 ha.
Uklatcho Indian Reserve No. 6 129.5 ha.
Salmon River Indian Reserve Meadow No. 7 96.3 ha.
Cahoose Indian Reserve No. 8 259 ha.
Cahoose Indian Reserve No. 10 198.7 ha.
Blackwater Meadow Indian Reserve No. 11 57.5 ha.
Cahoose Indian Reserve No. 12 64.8 ha.
Ulkatcho Indian Reserve No. 13 194 ha.
Louis Squinas Ranch Indian Reserve No. 14 356.3 ha.
Ulkatcho Indian Reserve No. 14A 256.6 ha.
Casimiel Meadows Indian Reserve No. 15A 64.8 ha.
Amy Cahoose Meadow Indian Reserve No. 16 129.5 ha.
Tilgatko Indian Reserve No. 17 62.7 ha.
Betty Creek Indian Reserve No. 18 129.5 ha.
Willow Meadow Indian Reserve No. 9 59.5 ha.
Fishtrap Indian Reserve No. 19 20.2 ha.

Notable Ulkatcho People

Carey Price, hockey player (currently non-status but son of Chief Lynda Price)
Jimmy Stilas, former chief whose death was one of the incidents leading to the Cariboo Justice Inquiry.

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