Tools for the Sioux Tribe

Published on March 10, 2014 by Amy

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Tools for the Sioux Tribe
Tools for the Sioux Tribe

The Sioux are a Native American people who originally populated what is now the regions of North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Minnesota and Nebraska. The once powerful Sioux used a variety of tools, all of which were made by hand, to hunt and construct shelter. These tools, although simple of design, were sturdy and allowed the Sioux to survive harsh winters.

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Buffalo Hide Shields

The skin of a buffalo, often referred to as buffalo hide, was used by the Sioux tribal members as shields. These shields were used to protect the males from exposure and injury. When Sioux tribes would engage in conflict, the tough skin of the buffalo was used as a sort of vest, because its toughness was able to deflect the damage of weapons, such as spears and knives. Buffalo hide was also used as coats to protect Souix Indians from elements such as wind, rain and snow, which could be deadly during harsh northern winters.

Buffalo Horns

The horns of the buffalo were used by Sioux Indians as skinning tools. Buffalo horns could be sharpened to skin the hide from other buffalo for the purpose of obtaining its meat, making shields and making other tools, such as awls, which were used to poke holes in leather. Sioux tribes also used sharpened buffalo horns as arrows, which were used for hunting and for battle. In addition to using buffalo horns as tools, buffalo horns were also used to make children’s toys.


Sioux tools such as spears were carved out of wood with sharpened rocks and were used to hunt game such as deer, buffalo, rabbits and fowl. These spears were often several feet in length and sharpened with deadly points, which were used to stab the pray. Other wooden tools included war clubs, which were made out of pieces of heavy wood and used for hunting food or for use as a weapon during battle.

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