The Flesh Offering

Published on June 10, 2011 by Amy

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Sun Dance Ceremony - Lakota Way
Sun Dance Ceremony – Lakota Way

by Waynonaha Two Worlds

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Some of you may have knowledge or be aware of the Sun Dance that we Lakota people have as a religion. My people are Sun Dancers and that is our way of praying and of offering a part of our earthly bodies to help others. It is an extreme sacrifice and one that our men dance for with utmost integrity and great honor.

Women in our nation are held in great respect and honor too, so we are not to endure this extreme measure that the men go through. To pierce our breasts would not be done in a traditional dance. The breast, as well as all parts of the female body, is sacred. We do not take that which reproduces or nourishes life and defile it.

We women come to the dance in support of our Husbands, Sons, Brothers, Uncles and male relations when they dance. We women fast and go through all the physical things that the men are going through, but we do not pierce our flesh. We stay in one place all the time our men are dancing and we stand and dance in our place with them. In this way, we too, contribute to the prayers and the sacrifice that is being made. It is in the knowing that we are there dancing that our men are given courage to go on and dance until they break loose from the tree.

I have seen some elder women offer a few pieces of flesh from their arms to the ceremony. This is rare and only done in an extreme time of praying for a loved one. It is not a common practice and is always considered a great honor when an elder does offer her flesh.

I awoke early one morning to the sound of the phone ringing and still half-asleep answered it. A very disturbed person on the other end was screaming gibberish at me and because I was in some sort of half-sleep fog, I did not at first understand them. My awareness switched from sleep to full awake in a few seconds as my mind deleted everything.

I listened to this person and finally after a futile attempt to get some reason out of the call, I gave up and let them go. It was like, okay, I will sort it all out and get-back-to-you-thing, that in reality never happens.

I remained sitting on the edge of the bed and tried to get my body and mind back onto one-tract when the dream that was so rudely interrupted returned in fill force.

It flew into my mind and actually caused me to rock back and forth in some sort of shock recoiling action. I thought this dream out for awhile before I actually left my room.

The dream was fragmented so I have no idea of what the proceeding issues were. I only was aware of the small part that was occurring when I was awakened.

It seemed in the dream that I was sitting in some place isolated and my body bare to the waist. I could look down on my breasts and they were the ones that I possess now, not young, but old breasts that have nourished many children.

I had a large knife in my hand and was calmly taking slices off my breast and handing them to the people who sat around me in a circle. There was no pain and no blood only the neat white slices of my breast being peeled off in thin layers.

I looked down at them and wondered why I was doing this and what the reason was behind this act of offering flesh. All the while I wondered, and all the while I kept slicing off the clear white breast in thin pieces and handing it out.

The people were no one in particular that I knew, but they took the slices and ate them without saying a word.

This dream or vision still holds me and is not like one I have ever had, but I feel it is some sort of message that will in time let me see the reason. I find this dream creeping into my mind daily now and there are other things happening that support the flesh offering. A small nagging voice in my subconscious speaks, saying: “Okay, stop feeding so many people; you cannot offer this to them any more. Soon the breast will be all gone that nourished so many and have supported your life work. This part of your life is soon to be over and you have given enough to the people. Now it is time for you to focus and to make a new way of teaching.”

Perhaps I will never know the reason for the dream and perhaps there is no reason. This is the Great Mystery, but I am here with open eyes and open mind and heart waiting for Creator to guide me to my next destination. Many things have happened in the past month in a small time frame that have brought my mind and my spirit into a place of clarity. I see so much in such a short time that will effect the future of the world and our own lives should we live on another ten years.

I think back onto the prophecies of Ben Black Elk and wonder at the thoughts of the mole medicine and if it is time to close the lodge doors and step back into the hills for safety reasons.

Changes are always happening every day of our lives, but we sometimes do not see them and ignore their messages.

In this dream, I felt calm about it all as if it were as natural as breathing. I know then that whatever is going to change is not of a life threatening nature. It will be a calm and peaceful transition, one of love compassion and understanding.

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