Spiritual Meanings of Gemstones

Published on December 1, 2011 by Amy

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Turquoise (blue color):

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One of the main stones that the Navajo use in their jewelry work and in religious ceremonies. Promotes healing and good luck.

Hematite (metallic grey color):

Energizes and revitalizes. Attunes the mind and positively effects the bloodstream.

Jasper (brownish-red color):

A nurturing stone, protects against negativity; promotes healing to kidneys, liver, spleen and bladder.

Malachite (dark green color):

Clarifies emotions, facilitates insights, removes obstructions. Represents fidelity and loyalty.

Aventurine (light green color):

Releases anxiety and fear, boosts tranquility, promotes decisiveness and leadership skills.

Amethyst: (purple color):

Conducts peaceful energy, aids intuition, encourages freedom from addictions.

Rhodonite: (rose peppered with blacks and browns):

Said to help regain mental stability, promote positive thinking and help overcome difficulties. The black in this stone contrasts sharply with the rose coloring to create an intensity of richness.

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