Spirit of Truth Native American Reading Cards

Published on January 15, 2014 by Amy

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Spirit of Truth Native American Reading Cards
Spirit of Truth Native American Reading Cards

The Spirit of Truth Native American Reading Cards are the creation of Maurice Ramsey, founder and director of the House of Miracles Holistic Healing Center and Reiki/Seichim [an Egyptian healing art] master teacher who has been active in spiritual healing for thirty-five years.

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Maurice’s deck has 68 cards – 68 major arcana, as he puts it – that represent “a way of life each person must follow while living on the earth plane”. The Sky Spirit – an angelic energy – revealed the deck’s images and their symbolic meaning to Maurice while he was asleep, in order for him to make the images available to all. His cards are intended to be used as a guide to reveal inner truth, develop the reader’s psychic abilities, and direct them on their sacred journey. “The cards seem to take on a life all of themselves and act as guides, and reveal to you the inner truth and direct you on your sacred journey through the physical and emotional of your world.”

Through Native American imagery and symbols, the cards depict the archetypal stages of life (such as Young Woman, Older Woman, A Mature Young Brave, Chief), objects and elements necessary to sustaining life (Pipe, Shield, Scroll, Deer Hide, Moccasins), native animals (Buffalo, Rattlesnake, Owl, Eagle, Butterfly, Fox, Turtle etc), emotional states (Teepee of Sorrows, the Bowl of Promises, the Broken Lance or the Pipe of Deception), activities (Occupation, Communication, Celebration) and concept representations (Target, where a fletched arrow is embedded in a tree, or Haste). A few card archetypes are analogous to Tarot cards in my eyes – Death, Sun, Union (Lovers), Shaman (Hierophant), Disaster (very Tower-ish) – illustrating the similarities in life between medieval Europeans and Native Americans.

The artistic style is soft and vivid, rendered in pastel and coloured pencil. Nearly all of the cards are set in nature or in the open air, though a few are apparently placed on a kind of stage with backdrop (like 19 – Tomahawk, 24 – Weapon, 27 – Drum). My favourite card is 40 – The Dream Catcher. It’s a complex image with a combination of colours and elements caught my eye. In it a rapturous man with his eyes closed appears to be dancing, or possibly seeking for something; a bird of prey flies overhead and the planets are visible in the sky. 49 – Incantations has a similar colouring and is just as appealing with its image of a women with her arms upraised and the moon behind her.

The Spirit of Truth Native American Reading Cards set has been self-published by Maurice in a limited edition of 1000 copies and is very much a labour of love. The set contains the shrink-wrapped cards (68 + 4 cards with keywords), a blue velveteen bag, and a 178 page companion book. The cards are very pleasant to feel and hold in the hand, with smooth corners and edges and a reasonable gloss on the face and backs. The back image is a strong yellow colour with a mirrored (and thus reversible) image of a teepee and crescent moon.

The book, The Spirit of Truth Native American Reading Cards: Instructions and Interpretations, offers information about the creator and on the origin of the cards, about the cards and how to use them. There are five spreads, and step-by-step meditation instructions. The ‘Interpretation of the Picture Key’, the section with interpretations of the cards, is followed by short interpretations or keywords. These are also printed on the four extra cards that come with the deck, as an easily accessible mnemonic. I also noticed the odd spelling error throughout the deck and book, but I didn’t find it to be distracting.

The Spirit of Truth Native American Cards are a complete set of for the reader with connects with the Native American theme and is looking for a deck that will help develop their intuitive abilities and assist them on their spiritual journey.

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