Spirit Mound (Aliens in American History)

Published on August 10, 2013 by Carol

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Spirit Mound (Aliens in American History)

Book title: Spirit Mound (Aliens in American History)

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Author: John Clark Craig , EJ Thornton

Book Description:
Most modern UFOlogists look back to the Roswell era (1947) as the beginning of the UFO phenomenon, although unexplained events have been occurring all throughout history. The ancient astronaut theorists point back to Stonehenge, Easter Island or even the Mayans and their legends telling of beings from the sky, but there doesn’t seem to be much documentation about UFO’s or aliens among us in the Old West. Or perhaps there is!

If you look, there are interesting accounts of lights in the sky decades before planes were invented, and there are legends involving ‘little people’ in almost every culture of the world, including in the United States “wild west” territories and states. There are actually many stories handed down from one generation to the next about unexplained events.

This book series is intended to ask more questions than it answers, but its sources are real and the interpretation will be left open to the reader. We hope you enjoy reading about Aliens in American History.

Book I takes us to South Dakota in the 1700′s where a ‘tribe’ of ‘little people’ kept other local tribes at bay. These sightings were documented in US History by none other than Lewis and Clark in 1804.

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