Spirit Herbs: Native American Healing

Published on August 15, 2013 by Carol

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Spirit Herbs: Native American Healing

Book title: Spirit Herbs: Native American Healing

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Author: Mary Dean Atwood

Book Description:
For Native Americans, the act of healing was a form of worship, and medicinal herbs were like gods that bestowed life. Shamans assessed patients’ personal problems, examined their dreams, and involved family and friends in the treatment. Only now has the value of this holistic approach received the widespread acceptance it deserves. Make the power of this ancient form of medicine work for you, with the help of the author of the best-selling Spirit Healing, by uncovering the secrets of these almost magical, curative herbs. A brief history puts Native American practices in perspective, and explains how the newly settled Europeans reacted to a world view so radically different from their own–and the problems caused by their ignorance. Then, explore the ways you can use Native American traditions to maintain your well-being. Prepare medicine bags, choose a lucky totem, and enact rituals to defeat negative behavior patterns. Set up an altar for offerings of sacred herbs, and experience visions that ca n illuminate your life. Smudge herbs to rid yourself or your home of undesirable influences; try other cleansing herbs during purgings, sweats, and fasts. Discover a natural pharmacy of “wonder herbs,” and of healthful delicious recipes. It may be just the prescription for a longer, better life! 160 pages, 6 x 9.

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