Specific Causes of the Tuscarora War

Published on September 4, 2014 by Carol

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Tuscarora Indian

Specific Causes of the Tuscarora War
What were the specific causes of the Tuscarora War? The specific causes of the Tuscarora War at a local level were:

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  • Some of the terms of the Treaty of Utrecht that ended the Queen Anne’s War were ambiguous, and concerns of various Indian tribes were not included in the treaty, which resulted in future conflicts in the French and Indian Wars and the Tuscarora War
  • Land: Disputes over Tuscarora Native Indian homelands increased
  • A series of forts were built to house the forces of the United States Army antagonising the indigenous tribes
  • The treatment of the Tuscarorans and the practise of selling captives, including women and children into slavery
  • History & Causes Tuscarora War – Political Policies and Beliefs
    What were the causes of the Tuscarora War? Some of the history and causes of the Indian Wars were dictated by political policies and beliefs which shaped the historical background to the causes of the Tuscarora War

  • Colonialism: In the 1700′s the Europeans brought with them the system of colonialism, primarily to generate income, which encompassed “the policy and practice of a power in extending control over weaker peoples or areas.” A major cause of conflict in the 1700′s
  • Culture Clash: Distrust and hostilities grew between the indigenous population of the region and the Europeans as the number of newcomers increased leading to the inevitable culture clash. The British treated the Tuscarora tribe badly, taking their lands and enslaving their people

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