Ray Stevenson ~ Winnipeg

Published on March 26, 2014 by Amy

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Ray Stevenson
Ray Stevenson

Based in Winnipeg, Ray takes his unique Round Dance performances to audiences across North America and has even performed in Italy with the Walking Wolf dancers and singers.

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Placing great importance on tradition and the next generation of aboriginal singers and dancers, Ray has always been active sharing his knowledge with others. He began, and continues to operate, a Pow Wow club for inner city children where they gather weekly to teach and share.

Ray continues to build on past works and will remain committed to the music and dance, which play such a great role in his life. For all that have shared in his soulful and spirited performances we can only hope that his special creative bond remains and flourishes for years to come.

My spirit name s Walking Wolf and my English name is Ray Stevenson otherwise known as Co-Co. I’ve been blessed by the drum that has taken me away from a life full of drugs and alcohol. I come from a Cree and Ojibway background. It was the drum that changed my life. Already an adult, not growing up going to ceremonies or pow wow’s, I went to my first sweat. After feeling the power of the songs that were sung in the sweat lodge, I knew that is what I wanted to do and that is how I started singing. In one year, I went from not knowing how to sing to making my own songs and singing with one of the best drum groups of the time. Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to travel the world with my drum, performing with the band Eagle and Hawk and collaborating with other artists such as Kimberly Dawn, and Little Hawk. I feel that the power of the drum has the ability to change lives and put them on the right path of life. It worked for me. So now I use the drum to help youth get on the right path. For those I have taught and for those who hear this recording, I give you permission to sing my songs. It is an honour for me to hear others sing my songs.

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