Rabbit and Big Man-Eater

Published on January 28, 2013 by Carol

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Rabbit and Big Man-Eater

Big Man-eater traveled along until he came to a town where he killed and ate all of the people. On the way to another town he met Rabbit, who said, “At this town all the people have run off. I kill and eat people and here are their bones.” When he met Big Man-eater he carried over his shoulder a child with a stick run through it. Then they sat down beside the trail to defecate. Both shut their eyes, and when they defecated Big Man-eater evacuated bones while Rabbit passed only grass. Rabbit opened his eyes, picked up Big Man-eater’s excrement and put it under himself and took his own and placed it under Big Man-eater. When both finally opened their eyes, Big Man-eater said, “Hīha, I never passed anything like this before.” The next time both defecated with their eyes open and Rabbit passed nothing but grass while Big Man-eater defecated bones.

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After that they struck up a friendship. Rabbit said, “Let us go to Tree-falling-down Camp.” So they set out. When they arrived Rabbit said, “Wait right here while I hunt for a good camping place.” He went on until he saw a tree that shook and was ready to fall, when he called his companion. “Over here there is a good place,” he said and Big Man-eater went there.

When night came, both lay down, and, while Big Man-eater slept, Rabbit awoke and pushed the tree down upon him. Then he threw small limbs upon himself and made a noise as if he had been hurt. Big Man-eater pushed the tree away and woke up. “This camp is always like that,” said Rabbit.

Next time Rabbit said, “Let us go to Ashes-thrown-on Camp,” and they started off. When they got there and had made camp Rabbit picked up a quantity of wood, kindled it, and made a big fire. But after the two had lain down Rabbit awoke, gathered up a lot of hot ashes on some bark with which he had provided himself, and threw them on Big Man-eater. On himself he threw cold ashes. Big Man-eater was badly hurt.

In the morning Rabbit said, “Let us go to Jumping-bluff Creek,” and they started on. After they had traveled for a while they reached the place and went down the creek. “Let us jump across it and back four times,” said Rabbit. Rabbit jumped first four times. When Big Man-eater prepared to jump Rabbit held for him the bag he was carrying. Before Big Man-eater had jumped four times he fell from the bluff into the water. The water rose and Big Man-eater went down into it. “My friend is gone; he is going far out into the sea,” said Rabbit. Rabbit, however, took Big Man-eater’s bag and started home.

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