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Published on February 22, 2011 by Amy

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Sarah Langston Major (a Pamunkey), and her Family
Pamunkey Sarah Langston
Major and her Family

Queen Anne (ca. 1650 – ca. 1715) became the chief of the Pamunkey tribe when her aunt Cockacoeske died. Due to her authoritative position, she was always called Queen Anne by the colonists.

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In 1675, Virginia Governor William Berkeley requested that Queen Anne furnish warriors to the colonists during Bacon’s Rebellion – a revolt led by Nathaniel Bacon. High taxes, low prices for tobacco, and resentment against special privileges that were given to those close to the governor provided the background for the uprising, which was precipitated by Berkeley’s failure to defend the frontier against attacks by Native Americans.

At the Colonial Council, Queen Anne scornfully rejected the request to furnish warriors to fight against the rebellion, because her people had been neglected for the past twenty years, in spite of their friendship with the white leaders. It was only after strong promises of better treatment by the colonists that Queen Anne agreed to provide the needed assistance.

Following the end of the Rebellion, the new Governor Thomas Colepeper, 2nd Baron Colepeper, presented Anne with gifts from King Charles II of England, including a silver headband or coronet that was inscribed with the words Queen of Pamunkey.

Queen Anne’s last appearance in history is in 1715, when she visited the colonial authorities to again request fair treatment for her tribe.

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