Quartz Crystal Indian Thunderbirds

Published on November 18, 2012 by Amy

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Lightning Bird

In ancient Indian mythology, some Thunderbirds created lightning with their eyes. Rubbing these stones together in the dark makes beautiful piezo-electric “lightning” sparks within the stones, which may account for the wear along the edges of these stones. (Wear glasses or goggles when doing this) The figure parts are of the same mother stone and composed of milky metaquartzite. However, after millennia in the iron-rich Illinois soil, they have acquired a creamy patina. Pale yellow milky (Creamy) metaquartzite crystal, piezoelectric, 3 parts. 3.5”h; 605 gm

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Electra Bird

This electric figurine (torpedo in Latin actually means “electric”) Has an iron oxide “beak”. These parts were collected from the same spot between 1999 to 2002. Pale yellow milky (Creamy) metaquartzite crystal, piezoelectric, 3 parts. 6.75″L; 969 gm

Source: iceageartifacts

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