Pueblo Revolt Summary and Definition

Published on September 1, 2014 by Carol

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Spanish Conquistador and Indian

Pueblo Revolt Summary and Definition

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The Pueblo Revolt was a short conflict which occurred during 1680. The Pueblo Revolt was located in New Mexico and Arizona between the Pueblo Alliance and the Spanish. The Pueblo Revolt of 1680 was instigated by a coalition of tribal leaders, acting under the direction of Popé, a Tewa Indian from San Juan Pueblo. Together they founded the Pueblo Alliance consisting of Jemez, Keresan Pueblos, Piro Pueblos, Tewa Pueblos, Tiwa Pueblos, Zuni, and Hopi peoples. The Pueblo Revolt was a great victory for the Pueblo but the Spanish eventually re-conquered the lands in 1692.

Facts about the Pueblo Revolt

Who fought in the Pueblo Revolt? When did the conflict start and when did the conflict end? What were the causes of the Pueblo Revolt? What was the significance of the Pueblo Revolt? What were the results and effects of the Pueblo Revolt? Interesting history and facts about the Pueblo Revolt:

  • Name of Conflict: Pueblo Revolt
  • Alternative Names: Pueblo Revolt of 1680 or Popé’s Rebellion
  • Location: New Mexico and Arizona
  • Year of Pueblo Revolt: 1680
  • Combatants: Tuscarora Native Americans and Spanish colonists
  • Result: The Pueblo Revolt ended in defeat for the
  • Famous Leaders: Popé Governor Antonio de Otermín
  • Source: warpaths2peacepipes

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