Pawnee Star Chart & Astrology Map

Published on May 14, 2013 by Casey

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Pawnee Star Chart Astrology Map
Pawnee Star Chart Astrology Map

Pawnee Star Chart & Astrology Map

The picture of the Star Chart and astrology map clearly depicts recognizable constellation patterns and these have been highlighted and named in the following picture. The Pawnee Star Chart and astrology map was created between 100 -300 years ago and is painted with ochre on to a soft leather deer hide measuring 22 inches by 15 inches. The Pawnee Star Chart and astrology map was acquired by the the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago and was labelled as part of the contents of “Pawnee Sacred Bundle No. 71898″. The Pawnee called the Star Chart and astrology map the Big Black Meteoric Star Bundle. The bundle included a wooden pole and skin container for storing the star chart.

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Description of the Pawnee Star Chart & Astrology Map

The description of the Pawnee Star Chart & Astrology Map provides interesting information and facts about this amazing artefact. The above picture of the Star Chart & Astrology Map highlights various stars and constellations. Experts believe that the Star chart probably was never intended to function as a map accurately depicting the locations of astronomical bodies but was viewed as a magical object that reflected the powers of stars.

  • The stars on the Star Chart & Astrology Map are depicted as four-pointed symbols and are drawn in five different sizes representing the brightness of the Stars.
  • Some of the constellations and stars are drawn in a more exaggerated style to emphasize their importance
  • The constellations depicted on the Star Chart include Coma Berenices, Corona Borealis, Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor and the Milky Way
  • The faint Stars, through the center of the Star Chart, represent the Milky Way, which is divided into the two main seasons
  • The star clusters depicted on the chart include Pleiades and Hyades
  • The stars depicted on the chart can be identified as Mizar, Polaris, Aldebaran, Lambda Scorpii, Upsilon Scorpii and Alcor
  • At each side of the chart is painted with orange tones believed indicate the directions of West and East
  • The whole of the Star Chart & Astrology Map is surrounded by a thick solid line that represents the horizon

Star Chart & Astrology – Meteors and Bad Omens

All Native American Indian tribes believed that comets and meteorite showers were bad omens of great disasters. The Shamans of many tribes depicted a famous event that occurred took place on the morning of November 13, 1833, which is now called the Leonid meteor shower. This fantastic meteoric display and was was witnessed throughout North America and referred to as the ‘Year the stars fell’. An interesting point of interest for those looking for information about the Native American star chart and astrology.

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