Our Earth Brothers

Published on June 9, 2011 by Amy

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Mother earth
Mother earth

by Tommy, a Native American Writer

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With the birth of the white buffalo, the final set of prophecies are near fulfillment. Soon a great spiritual awakening will begin.

Slowly, at first, the spirit of mankind will begin it’s transmutation. “The soul will remember…” Whereas we once were of one power, so shall we be again. Whereas we were one body with one voice, and became many bodies with many voices, we will become many bodies with one voice.

“Witness hereunto the proliferation of “god’ as “god’ is known. “The lines of energy that permeate, quadrate, parallel, transfix, and disperse throughout the entire material, astral, and ethereal planes are in the process of COMING INTO HARMONY.

In the history of my people, there is a story of four brothers that set out on a trek to gain wisdom and understanding of the four elemental powers that combine to become the one true power:

To the Yellow-skinned race, the elemental power of Air was given as quest. This is the power of wisdom itself. They would learn that the power of the air was of the mind. Oneness with the element of air was, to them, oneness with self through the power of the mind.

To the Black-skinned people, the element of wisdom was Fire: the power of the physical body. The oneness that they sought was oneness of structure, rites of fertility, the manipulation of the physical aspect of the prime material. (They were building pyramids when the majority of us were living in caves.)

To the White-skinned people, the element of Water lent it’s power of aesthetics, as well as the chaotic factor of criticism. Oneness to them became beauty, rhetoric, and emotional religion.

And to the Red-skinned people, was given the charge of the element of Earth. They found that oneness was the power of the earth. The earth is your mother, all things have spirit. Ne-uii-aeo – the breath we all take.

The story goes on to say that the brothers would one day come back together. To insure the original intention would remain clear, they agreed that when their descendants were ready to reunite, that the spirits of the four brothers would speak to the hearts of the children in dreams and visions and tell them when the time was approaching. They would then be prepared when the four brothers picked up the four corners of the veil that shrouds the earth from the spirit world, and tore it asunder.

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