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Published on March 30, 2014 by Carol

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Oregon Grape

Tribal Affiliation: Carpathian

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Orgin of Recipe: Offered by Jordan … who learned this from North West

Type of Dish: Contemporary & Traditional


  • 1 part Oregon Grape (Bar berry) berries
  • 2-3-4 parts water
  • sugar, honey ect.
  • Directions:
    Get the berries and blend, mash, crush, mush or sqeeze berries.

    Add water and sweeten to taste with sugar but “hopefully” honey from our bee brothers.

    Note: The flavour is interesting i love it but some find it tastes like our mother earth (dirt!).

    It may be slightly laxative at first so don’t drink where you might not have those facilities near by. They used to feed this to horses to cure coughs. I belive it helps digestive system.

    Barberry ROOT tea made as infusion, though taste bitter feels and IS sooooo good for digestive system and stimulates liver. A glass of this after a heavy meal is miraculously soothing.

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