Native American Tribe Symbols

Published on January 21, 2013 by Amy

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Native American Tribe Symbols
Native American Tribe Symbols

There are many Native American tribes and each one of them is formed having the same characteristics, language, religion, and symbolism. Native Americans are known for their symbols. It is a great part of their tradition and culture. Different tribes use different symbols that hold special meaning particular to each of them.

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Native American Tribe symbols are created depending on the availability of the materials that surround them. They paint and carve their crafts with those symbols to make them more beautiful and meaningful.

Some of the most popular Native American Tribe Symbols are arrow, bear track, bird, cactus and water. While they hold general meaning among the tribes, there are also symbols that are unique to each of them.

Apache Tribe

A circle symbolizes a lot of things to the Apache tribe and it is depicted by four sacred hoop symbols. A hoop represents cycle of life that possess special power and each one of them is painted with black, green, yellow and white that also mean something to them. The special power comes from the eagle father tied to the four hoops and the colors represent the four directions and the four seasons.

Another popular Native American tribe symbol unique to the Apaches is the basket. The center opening symbolizes a person’s birth and the different designs symbolize the sacred mountains where that person can live harmoniously.

Blackfoot Tribe

Composed of four tribes, Blackfoot shares common language and culture. Unique to them is the medicine bundle that symbolizes sacred power that brings healing to the tribe. It is associated with rituals that the Blackfoot tribe performs for the benefit of the tribe as a whole.

Cherokee Tribe

Cherokee tribe is made up of seven different clans and they are known to believe in color symbols. The North, East, South and West direction is represented by a color. A red man who lives in the East symbolizes power and success while the black man who lives in the West represents the spirit of death. The color blue that stands for North means defeat and the South depicted by white means peace.

Cheyenne Tribe

The Cheyenne tribe is also known as the red talker or people of different speech. Just like the Apaches, circle is also an important symbol to them that represents spiritual, social, and political life.

Chippewa Tribe

Chippewa is one of the largest surviving Native American tribe. Different animals serve an important symbol to them as they believe that they are as wise and intellectually adept as humans. Among the animals, the turtle is one of the Native American tribe symbols that are significant to them. It symbolizes communication, peace, patience, steadiness, and connection. The eagle, on the other hand, represents courage while the bear represents strength and information that can be obtained through dreams.

Navajo Tribe

Navajo men adorned themselves with eagle feathers that symbolize courage and bravery. The storm clouds for Navajos represent change, renewal, and fertility. They also have spiritual symbols depicted by a picture of a tall man with arms that’s shaped like the letter “W” that’s considered to be mediators between men and their god.

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