Native American Super Heroes

Published on June 29, 2012 by Amy

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Native American Super Heroes
Native American Super Heroes

Over the years the comics medium has delivered a diverse but stereotypical sampling of minority characters. This article attempts to provide a usable list of Native American superheroes. For a brief history of stereotypical depictions of Native American characters in comics see the Ethnic stereotypes in comics article.

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This page focuses exclusively on documenting the history of the Native American super hero whether they are indigenous to North, South, or Central America; the Caribbean; or are of Native American descent. It will hopefully provide a somewhat comprehensive listing across many companies and many media including print, the web, television, and movies. While it may appear to focus mainly on the Native American experience in the U.S., other visions are welcome.

Azteca Productions

  • Plainsman (Daniel Brightfeather, part Cherokee, part Navajo, Team Tejas)

Blue Corn Comics

  • Rain Falling (Hopi / Pueblo, Peace Party)
  • Snake Standing (Hopi / Pueblo, Peace Party)

Dark Horse Comics

  • Naayééʼneizghání (Navajo, vampire slayer, Fray / Buffyverse)

DC Comics

  • Arak (Quontauka Indian)
  • Aztek (Aztecs)
  • Black Condor (Navajo)
  • Butcher (Lakota)
  • Captain Fear (Carib)
  • Captain Thunder (Mohegan)
  • Chief Crazy Horse (Renegades)
  • Chief Great Eagle (see Man-of-Bats)
  • Chindi
  • Dawnstar (member of Legion of Super-Heroes)
  • Eagle Free (Prez)
  • Flying Fox (Quontauka Indian, member of Young All-Stars)
  • Green Arrow of Earth-D (Justice Alliance of America)
  • Hawk (half, father is Tomahawk)
  • Hawkman III (Katar Hol) (half Cherokee)
  • Little Raven (Sioux, member of Batmen of All Nations)
  • Man-of-Bats (Sioux, member of Batmen of All Nations)
  • Manitou Dawn (pre-Apache, member of JLA)
  • Manitou Raven (pre-Apache, member of JLA)
  • Mirage, (Indigenous, member of Team Titans)
  • Night Eagle (ally of Superman)
  • Northwind (Native American)
  • Owlwoman (Kiowa, member of Global Guardians)
  • Pow Wow Smith (Sioux)
  • Rain in the Face (Renegades)
  • Redbird (Batman sidekick, version of Robin in The Blue, The Grey, and The Bat)
  • Russ Tenclouds (Metropolis S.C.U.)
  • Seneca (Iroquois member of Cadre of the Immortal)
  • Strong Bow (western hero of the 1800s)
  • Super-Chief (Iroquois, Wolf Clan)
  • Tall Tree (Renegades)
  • Thomas Kalmaku (Inuit)
  • Wise Owl (Native American, shaman killed by Johnny Thunder in All-Star Western)
  • Willpower (half Apache, member of Primal Force)


  • Ghost Dancer (The Sandman)
  • White Buffalo Woman (The Sandman)


  • Blackbird (Wetworks)
  • Comanche (formerly of Stormwatch)
  • Crossbones (Team 7)
  • Joe the Indian (Half-Mexican, Half Navajo, Crimson)
  • Pilgrim (Wetworks)
  • Rainmaker (Apache, Gen¹³)
  • Red Bird (Sioux, Black Ops)


  • Darkwing (Lakota)
  • Ozark (Lakota)

Image Comics

  • Barbaric (Special Operations Taskforce, former member of Freak Force; wife is Ricochet)
  • Broadarrow
  • Ian Nottingham (a.k.a. Excalibur of Witchblade, of British and Native American descent)
  • Kodiak (New Men)
  • Nighteagle (Master Magus of the Age)
  • Ripclaw (Apache, member of Cyberforce)
  • Stalking Wolf (a.k.a. Shaman’s Tears)

Marvel Comics

  • American Avenger (Pacqui)
  • American Eagle (Navajo)
  • Black Crow (Navajo)
  • Centurious of the Firm (Amerind)
  • Cusack (Tuscarora), Timespirits (Epic)
  • Danielle Moonstar (Cheyenne, member of New Mutants, X-Force)
  • Doot (Wawenoc), Timespirits (Epic)
  • Echo (a.k.a. Crazy Horse, Ronin)
  • Elisa Maza police detective from the Gargoyles comic series, (half Hopi, half African American)
  • Fire Eyes (Amerind, ally of Daimon Hellstrom Son of Satan)
  • Forge (Cheyenne, member of X-Men & X-Factor)
  • HighNote of the Young Gods (Part Colombian, part Indian)
  • Moonstalker (Inuit, member of Young Gods)
  • Naze (Cheyenne, Forge’s shaman teacher)
  • Portal (member of same tribe as Puma)
  • Pvt Jay Littlebear (of the Leatherneck Raiders)
  • Puma (former enemy turned ally of Spider-Man, from an unnamed Arizona tribe)
  • Red Warrior (Comanche)
  • Red Wolf (a.k.a. Wild Run Cheyenne, Anachronauts)
  • Red Wolf II (Cheyenne)
  • Red Wolf III (Cheyenne, Rangers)
  • Red Zeppelin (Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation)
  • Redstone (Apache, member of Squadron Supreme, Earth S)
  • Ringo Kid (half)
  • Risque (Cuban Seminole, member of X-Corporation, deceased)
  • Running Fish (half Apache, half Cibecue, Sunset Riders)
  • Shaman (Sarcee, member of Alpha Flight))
  • Sharon Friedlander (Cheyenne, ally of the X-Men)
  • Silver Fox (Native Canadian, ally of Wolverine)
  • Sitting Bullseye (Band of the Bland)
  • Snowbird (half Sarcee, member of Alpha Flight)
  • Spirit/ Iron-Knife, Charlie (of G.I. Joe)
  • Talisman (Sarcee, member of Alpha Flight)
  • Talon (Derek Maza) leader of the Mutates from the Gargoyles comic series (half Hopi, half African American).
  • Thunderbird (Apache, member of X-Men)
  • T-bird, alternate Universe version of Thunderbird, (Apache, Exiles member)
  • Tom Corsi (Cheyenne, ally of the X-Men)
  • Tomorrow Hawk (a.k.a. Ceyote. of New Breed and Eternals)
  • Venus (cloned from the DNA of Goliath and Elisa Maza, Gargoyles comic series)
  • Warpath (Apache, member of New Mutants, X-Force, X-Corporation, & X-Men)
  • Werehawk (Futurians)
  • Witch Woman (former enemy turned ally of Ghost Rider)
  • Wyatt Wingfoot (Keewazi, associate of Fantastic Four)
  • Zachery Moonhunter (of the Avengers)

War Drums Studios / Mystic Comics

  • Earth (Navajo, Tribal Force)
  • Gan (Apache, Tribal Force)
  • Little Big Horn (Sioux, Tribal Force)
  • Thunder Eagle (Lakota, Tribal Force)


  • Alma Grande, el Yaqui Justiciero (Mexican Yaqui, Publicaciones Herrerías, July 1961)
  • Anthar (Gold Key Comics & Valiant Comics)
  • Broadarrow (Valiant Comics)
  • Centaur (1/8 Cherokee, F.R.E.E.Lancers)
  • Cloud-Splitter (PS 238).
  • Jerônimo (from Jerônimo, o Herói do Sertão, RGE, 1957)
  • John Redfeather (from Spirit of the Wolf) (Wild Wolf Studio)
  • Haokah the Thunder Being (Spirit of the Wolf) (Wild Wolf Studio)
  • Coyote the Trickster (Spirit of the Wolf) (Wild Wolf Studio)
  • Koda the Warrior (Lakota)
  • Longhunter (Valiant Comics)
  • Nighthawk (Navajo, F.R.E.E.Lancers)
  • Scout (Apache, Eclipse Comics)
  • Scratchbuilt (Half Miskito, Half Central American, F.R.E.E.Lancers)
  • Stallion Canuck (Native Canadian, Created by Lou Douzepis, King Led Comics)
  • Supermaya (Mayan, Mexican comic)
  • Tall Tree (Freedom Fighters, Valiant Comics)
  • Turok (Dell Comics, Gold Key Comics, & Valiant Comics)
  • White Buffalo Warriors (Valiant Comics)
  • Wilde Knight


  • Captain Chinook (from a Canadian newspaper, created by Jean Claude St. Aubin)
  • MuttonMan, a comic in the Navajo Times, created by Navajo comedian Vincent Craig
  • Patoruzú (Tehuelche, Argentine comic character created in 1928 by Dante Quinterno)


  • Super Shamou (Inuk, Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, 1980s)
  • Tonto (a.k.a. Toro, Adventures of the Lone Ranger)


  • Apache Chief (Apache, Super Friends)
  • Catwoman played by Eartha Kitt in the 1966 Batman TV series
  • Delilah from the Gargoyles animated series (cloned from Elisa Maza and Demona’s DNA, of multiractial heritage)
  • Elisa Maza police detective from the Gargoyles TV series, (half Hopi, half African American)
  • Jade (Guatemala Clan, Gargoyles TV series)
  • Geronimo of Kinnikuman series voiced by Kaneto Shiozawa (in Kinnikuman) and Eric Stuart (In Ultimate Muscle).
  • Kennedy played by Iyari Limon on Buffy: The Vampire Slayer
  • Nightwolf of Mortal Kombat: Defenders of the Realm voiced by Tod Thawley
  • Obsidiana (Guatemala Clan, Gargoyles TV series)
  • Super Shamou (Inuk, Inuit Broadcasting Corporation, 1980s)
  • Talon (Derek Maza) leader of the Mutates from the Gargoyles animated series (half Hopi, half African American)
  • Turquesa (Guatemala Clan, Gargoyles TV series)
  • Zafiro (Guatemala Clan, Gargoyles TV series)
  • BraveStarr (BraveStarr Cartoon Series)

Video games

  • Chief Thunder of Killer Instinct
  • Michelle Chang of Tekken (half Native American, half Chinese)
  • Nightwolf of Mortal Kombat
  • Domasi “Thommy” Tawodi of Prey (Cherokee)
  • Tal’ Set of Turok (series)
  • Joseph Turok of Turok (video game)
  • Red Harlow of Red Dead Revolver (half Native American)
  • Connor aka Ratohnhaké:ton of Assassin’s Creed III (half Mohawk)


  • Gail of Old Town in the Sin City movie, portrayed by Rosario Dawson
  • Nightwolf of Mortal Kombat: Annihilation (played by Litefoot)
  • Vadinho (Aztec, mentor of Pumaman, L’ Uomo puma / Pumaman, ADR Films 1980)

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