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Jaime Luis Gómez
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Jaime Luis Gómez
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Jaime Luis Gómez
Born: July 14, 1975
Tribe: Shoshone

Jaime Luis Gómez better known by his stage name Taboo, is an American rapper and actor best known as a member of the hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas.

Taboo joined The Black Eyed Peas in 1995. Groupmates,, Mark Degraff, and Robert Byrne were originally in a group called Atban Klann, but changed the name after changing record labels. In 2002, Stacy Ferguson joined and completed the band's current lineup. Taboo is known for his capoeira-inspired dance moves (he is a practitioner of Jeet Kune Do concepts) and an eclectic style of dress.

In 2008, Taboo was in the process of creating a solo album, but in a 2011 interview Taboo said it would be some time before he would begin a solo album. Taboo has said that he hopes to collaborate with artists such as Frankie J, E-40, Pitbull, Transit Venus and Kumbia Kings. Shakira, Blu Cantrell, and Juanes have been rumored to be featured artists on his solo effort, even though it may be a small effort. "Revolution Ni Hao" can be heard on his official website.

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