Native American Giants of Myth and Legend

Published on November 1, 2012 by Casey

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Native American Giants of Myth and Legend
Native American Giants of Myth and Legend

Native American Giants and Ogres in Various Tribes

Giants in Native American mythology are usually described as being 40-60 feet tall– large enough to throw humans into a sack or burden basket the way a human hunter would do with rabbits. In a few cases Native American giants are described as being even more immense, being the size of the tallest pine trees (which works out to 150-200 feet) and catching whales the way humans catch fish.

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  • Akaguagankak (Yup’ik)
    • Asin (Alsea)
    • Basket Ogress (Northwest Coast)
    • Big Owl Man (Apache)
    • Chenoo (Micmac)
    • Gray Giant (Navajo)
    • Ice Giants (Algonquian)
    • Kee-Wakw (Wabanaki)
    • Kuku (Wabanaki)
    • Kukwes (Micmac)
    • Maushop (Wampanoag)
    • Mhwee (Lenape)
    • Stone Coat (Iroquois)
    • Wetucks (Narragansett)
    • Windigo (Anishinabe)
    • Winpe (Mi’kmaq)
    • Witiko (Cree)

    Native American Giant Stories

    The Giant and the Four Wind Brothers:
    Penobscot Indian legend about the adventures of a friendly giant.

    How Dogs Came To The Indians:
    Ojibway legend of a friendly giant who gave the first dog to the people.

    When the Animals Left Lenapé Land:
    Lenape Indian legend about a clan of giants that taught the people a lesson about respecting animals

    Recommended Books about Giants in Native American Mythology

    Turkey and Gray Giant:
    Bilingual picture book illustrating a Navajo Indian myth about a turkey’s escape from a menacing giant.

    The Hungry Giant of the Tundra:
    Children’s book based on Yup’ik Eskimo folktales about children who outwit cannibal giants.

    Giants, Trolls, and Ogres:
    Good kids’ collection of giant stories from world mythology, including Native American and Inuit lore.

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