Native American Deities – Eithinoha

Published on July 20, 2013 by Casey

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Eithinoha by kasmik zenter
Eithinoha by kasmik zenter

Native American Deities – Eithinoha

The daughter of Iagentci, the goddess who fell from the sky when her husband Hawenneyu banished her from the land on the other side of the sky. She was impregnated by the wind god Geha and gave birth to the benevolent deity Tharonhiawakon and the malevolent deity Tawiskaron. She died from the pain of giving birth to Tawiskaron due to his razor-sharp Mohawk “comb” or hairstyle made of flint, wounding her severely as he emerged. This is similar to the Shinto goddess Izanami “dying” while giving birth to the fire god Kagatsuchi. (see my Shinto myth articles)

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Also like Izanami Eithinoha passed over to the land of the dead. Once there she arranged everything in the afterlife just as her mother had laid out the first land on Earth. Eithinoha not only “molded” the land of the dead but served as the psychopomp of the Iroquois pantheon. After death Eithonaha’s footprints leading to the afterlife would appear to the spirit of the deceased so they could follow those footprints to the land of the dead. That land remained perfectly flat for easy travel and had no mountains or valleys. As for Eithinoha’s dead body Iagentci cast her head into the sky as the moon and her body into the sky as the sun.

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