Miccosukee Indian Reservation

Published on January 1, 2013 by Amy

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Miccosukee Indian Village
Miccosukee Indian Village

The Miccosukee Indian Reservation is the homeland of the Miccosukee tribe of Native Americans. It is divided into three sections in two counties of southern Florida, USA. Their total land area is 128.256 sq mi (332.183 km²). There was no resident population on reservation territory as of the 2000 census.

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The largest section by far is known as the Alligator Alley Reservation, which is located at the extreme western part of Broward County, at its county line with Collier County. It has a land area of 127.057 sq mi (329.076 km²).

The second largest section is the Tamiami Trail Reservation, which is located 40 miles (64 km) west of Miami, on the Tamiami Trail (U.S Highway 41, or Southwest 8th Street), at the point where the Tamiami Canal turns to the northwest, in western Miami-Dade County. Although this section is much smaller than the Alligator Alley section, it is the center of most tribal operations. It has a land area of 712.64 acres (2.884 km²).

The smallest section is the Krome Avenue Reservation, located east of the Tamiami Trail section and closer to the city of Miami. It is also on the Tamiami Trail, on the northwest corner of its intersection with Krome Avenue (Southwest 177th Avenue), just west of the community of Tamiami. This section has a land area of only 55.04 acres (0.2227 km²). The Miccosukee Resort & Casino is on this site.

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