Medicine Wheel – The Native American Circle of Life

Published on April 8, 2013 by Carol

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Medicine Wheel

Medicine Wheel: A symbol of life

The medicine wheel is sacred, the native people believe, because the Great Spirit caused everything in nature to be round. The Sun, Sky, Earth and Moon are round. Thus, man should look upon the Medicine Wheel (circle of life) as sacred.

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The Medicine Wheel is a symbol of all times

It is the symbol of the circle that marks the edge of the world and therefore, the Four Winds that travel there. It is also the symbol of the year. The Sky, the Night, and the Moon go in a circle above the Sky, therefore, the Circle is a symbol of these divisions of time. It is the symbol of all times throughout creation.

Numbered Stone Meanings: Medicine Wheel

    1. Creator – Center of life, the Medicine Wheel itself.
    2. Earth Mother – Gives us our home, and lives. The world we live in.
    3. Father Sun – Warms life, source of energy and light.
    4. Grandmother Moon – Guides dreams and visions.
    5. Turtle Clan – The element of earth. Growth and life.
    6. Frog Clan – The element of water. Cleansing
    7. Thunderbird Clan – The element of fire. Energy
    8. Butterfly Clan – The element of air. Transformation
    9. The North – Knowledge and wisdom. Night and elder years.
    10. The East -Daybreak,Illumination. Spirit. Morning and birth.
    11. The South – Youth and innocence. Emotion. Midday of life.
    12. The West – Introspection, Looks within.
    13. Snow Goose – Direction – Earth renewal moon.
    14. Otter – Balanced female energy. Rest and cleansing moon.
    15. Cougar – Leadership without insisting.
    16. Red Hawk – Observant. Messengers of the Gods.
    17. Beaver – Builder and do-er.
    18. Deer – Power and gentleness.
    19. Flicker – Music, strong sun moon.
    20. Sturgeon – Moving through life, swimming.
    21. Brown Bear – Sweetness of truth.
    22. Raven – Keeper of Sacred law.
    23. Snake – Power of creation. Transmutation.
    24. Elk – Stamina. To go the distance.
    25. Cleansing – To make clean. Purify
    26. Renewal – To begin again.
    27. Purity – Clean and innocent.
    28. Clarity – Unclouded. Free from darkness.
    29. Wisdom – Knowledge, sense, intelect, foresight.
    30. Illumination -To enlighten, cast light upon.
    31. Growth – To become, to change, to advance
    32. Trust – To have confidence, reliance, integrity
    33. Love – To delight in a higher state of appreciation
    34. Experience – Knowledge and understanding
    35. Introspection – To look inside.
    36. Strength – Power and vigor of mind.

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