Magic And Witchcraft Dreamcatchers

Published on January 1, 2014 by Amy

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Magic And Witchcraft Dreamcatchers
Magic And Witchcraft Dreamcatchers

Magic and witchcraft dreamcatchers are not just used in the traditional rituals of those exposed to wicca and occult but also are continuously used during our modern days as aesthetic decoration. But have you ever wondered what they truly symbolize?

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The dreamcatchers started way back during the ancient tradition of native Americans along with the Sioux Indians. The concept behind it is very simple and that is to trap nightmares and instead imbibe good dreams to enter your sleep. It started from a folklore that a spider offers its web to be the gate the protects the tribe from such evil spirits. Hence, it was carried on up to the modern days as dreamcatchers are still seen hanging in front doors and even right above the beds of kids.

The magic and witchcraft dreamcatchers are very simple to make as well but it is important that you keep in mind its most important components. The primary component is the web which is woven right around a loop. In addition, it has several more items that hung from the exact hoop believing that these increase the power of its sacredness and as a means of personalization for every household. Others add up some arrowheads or beads to represent additional sense of protection. Feathers are also added to protect kids from evil spirits that come in through nightmares and depending on your choice of a feather, each can also stand for a different symbolism. For example, if you will use an owl’s feather, then it represent feminine elements and wisdom. The one that is more masculine and potent is the white eagle feather type.

During these modern days, it is normal to still see these magic and witchcraft dreamcatchers hanging around homes even if the family or a person does not know anything about wicca. It is a very adaptable tool that can easily be personalized or customized. But there were reports that some native Americans find it disrespectful for other ordinary people to use it without knowing the background of the dreamcatchers. Apparently for them, it is simply a commercialization of their pure and genuine background of their culture.

There are even other people who use the dreamcatchers not just an ornament around the home but also a tattoo design to always keep it close to your body. Such a tattoo design is also a symbol of protection for the person who wears it on their body.

As the times progress, the meaning of the magic and witchcraft dreamcatchers may alter but surely, it will continue to play its role at one point or another for various spiritual traditions.

Making Your Own Magic and Witchcraft Dreamcatchers

You must first come up with the right materials to start with like the willow, leather, embroidery hoop, metal ring, colored threads and beads plus some feather. If you will use a brand instead of a willow, then you must soak it wet first. You must be able to bend it and form a circular shape which will overlap on its ends so that you can tie it. You wrap the lace around the circle until everything is covered with a glue to tuck and secure it all in.

The middle part of your dreamcatcher is where the colored threads and strings are found. You must tie half of the hitches with even spaced points right around the circular shape. Decorate it as you work on your way to thread in the beads. As the center parts gets tinier, it is your own preference of how small you want it to turn out before you tie it up with a double knot.

Tie the thread right around the bottom part of the magic and witchcraft dreamcatcher so that you can be able to attach the other feathers and beads. Make a loop on its top part so as to set a string used for you to hang it well wherever you prefer it to be placed.

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