Let’s Speak Mohawk

Published on January 7, 2013 by Carol

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Let’s Speak Mohawk (Book/Cassette Course)

Author: David K. Maracle

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Customer review:
Actually, Mohawk pronunciation is quite complex, this book is a language textbook not a dictionary, and Mohawk is a living language with a pre-existing writing system (even we real linguists are not so arrogant as to force would-be learners of other languages to use phonetic transcription instead of the writing system actually used by its speakers).

David Maracle is a native speaker and educator of the Mohawk language, the tapes are clear and comprehensible, and this is a valuable language learning tool. It is rather pricy, however. It’s possible to buy the textbook without the tapes (just search for the author’s name) for a fraction of the price, though you’ll miss out on the chance to hear this sonorous and little-spoken language in action.

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