Leland Robert Vallo – Acoma

Published on August 21, 2014 by Carol

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Acoma Pueblo Turtle Etched Pottery – E. & L. Vallo, Jr

Leland Robert Vallo “Pinion Mesa”, is a full blooded Native American Indian, who was born in 1969 into the Acoma Pueblo. He was inspired by many famous artists, like Dorothy Torivio, to continue the long lived tradition of hand coiling pottery using ancient methods. He began making pottery in 1991.

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Leland specializes in hand coiled Tularosa Swirl pattern pottery. He gathers his clay from the grounds within the Acoma Pueblo along with other natural pigments. He cleans his clay, mixes, hand coils, shapes, paints, and fires his pottery outdoors. He hand coils many different shapes and sizes of pottery including seed pots, wedding vases and bowls. He also paints animals, mimbres designs, and incorporates Kiva step patterns into his designs. He also paints on ceramic ware from time to time. Leland states that he is still amazed at the quality of the artwork that Native Americans produce today. However, his biggest inspiration thrives from memories that he has from his mother and his best friend, the late Marie Vallo. He signs his pottery as: L. Vallo, Acoma , N.M.

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