James B King (Woolenshirt) – Navajo

Published on June 26, 2014 by Carol

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Preparation of a Warrior

In 1951 I was born in Shiprock, New Mexico to the Under the arm Clan and the Red Running into the water Clan for the Zuni Clan and the Mud people Clan.As a young member of the Dine’ (NavajoTribe) I started experimenting with shoe polish and housepaints.When I begin a painting the beginning stage is the most exciting part.

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I likes the fast reckless strokes of colors as I set up my composition. Sometimes I like the first stage so much I dry them and just stash them away.Maybe someday these stashed paintings will find themselves into the World of Abstract Art. My ideas comes from experiences,events and images that refuse to leave me alone. My respect for our rich cultural tradition has voided my use of sacred religious figures and sacred ceremonial items in my recent works.

At fifty four years old I still don’t have a favorite color or artist.

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