Ice Age Native American: Short Face Bear

Published on November 17, 2012 by Amy

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Giant Short Faced Bear
Giant Short Faced Bear

Red Cave Bear

This free-standing little feller was also found on the hill in the open field. It was the sixth figure we found. Red figurines must have been treasured by the clan since we have found so few of them and the ones we do find, are on the hilltop where high ranking members of the clan would have lived. Not a single red figure has been recovered in the depression that washed out in 2002. All came from the hilltop. Nostrils gathering wind of a foreign scent, this deep maroon chalcedony bear is in the act of rising to a standing posture for a better view. It’s quite likely this Ice Age animal figure represents the extinct species Short-Face Bear. Maroon chalcedony, 2 parts. 3.6”h; 291 gm.

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Blue Bear

This snarling bruin with laid-back ears and flared nostrils has its paw and back-fur raised in offense. Its’ brown and dark-blue mottled fur places the bear in mid-spring, shortly after hibernation and probably very hungry and dangerous. The wear-polished headstone may have been a lucky charm and contained the protective spirit of the owner’s animal guide. The man who owned this figurine may have been a brave hunter. The bear’s head was lightly worked underneath by the ancient artisan to seat onto the body. The midnight blue coloration is caused by ancient life carbon in the primal mud. Chocolate and midnight-blue chalcedony, 2 parts. 5.5”h; 1317 gm

Walking Black Cave Bear

We first thought these pieces to be petrified wood, which is often times found around the recovery site. It turns out the body stone is translucent smoky metaquartzite layered with iron-rich brown quartzite, giving it the old wood grain appearance. It could possibly be petrified dinosaur poop (coprolites – which we have many samples found at site 2601). The head of this Ice Age animal figurine is made of identical material. This little cub is naturally laid out in relief on this strange material with the head resting on top. Sienna and black “Burnt wood” metaquartzite (?), 2 parts. Vertical orientation. 2.7”h; 137 gm

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