Ice Age Native American: Mammoth

Published on November 17, 2012 by Amy

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Baby Mammoth
Baby Mammoth

Bathing Mammoth

These 3 stones had me bewildered for about a year. At first I thought them to be an elk or bison, but elk and bison do not have long tails. So they ended up getting bagged and tagged “unknown” for 4 more years. When we finally deduced the age of our find, it occurred to me to look for other animals – Ice Age animals that went extinct about the time these stones were first turned into art. I then noticed the head stone had been chipped a specific way. I wondered how long it took the ancient artists to find the trunk to this now extinct pachyderm. The trunk not only looks like the beast is folding it up to eat, it also holds up the head stone against the weight of the body stone – a wholly unique way of stacking stones into a figurine. Note the chocolate/caramel coloration matches these 3 stones perfectly and the tiny cell-like patterns in the stones look almost like elephant skin. Being mottled, it also looks as if the Ice Age beast has shed some of its wool. Smooth chocolate/caramel “Tortoise shell” chalcedony, 3 parts along with 2 sets of “tusks”. 4.2″h x 7.0″L; 935 gm Not for sale.

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Wooly Mammoth

To find a figurine of one mammoth could be considered a coincidence. But to find a second must be considered a confirmation just how old these statuettes are. I added “tusks” to the Ice Age animal figurine above and formed them as the clan artist may have done – by coiling cut green bush stems around a tree branch and letting them dry in the sun for a few weeks. The natural twig tusks do not help to support the trunk or head in any way, but rest against the body stone. Caramel jasper; 3 parts. 4.5h x 6.3″L; 938 gm Not for sale.

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