History Timeline of the Pequot War

Published on August 27, 2014 by Carol

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Pequot War

This short History Timeline of the Pequot War provides facts and information about the history, years, key dates, key events and key people who fought in this war.

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  • 1633 The Dutch establish trading posts in Connecticut. Their land claims lead to conflicts with the Pequot
  • 1633 The English make land claims and grow in power
  • 1633 The Massachusetts Bay Colony began to manufacture wampum
  • 1634 Inter-tribal warfare between the Pequot and their enemies the Narragansett
  • 1634 Smallpox epidemic transmitted initially by the European new comers.
  • 1634 Death of Captain John Stone who was killed by the Western Niantic, allies of the Pequot, in retaliation for atrocities committed by the Dutch and Stone
  • 1634 Pequot negotiate a Peace Treaty in Boston
  • 1636 Captain John Oldham killed off Block Island
  • 1636 John Endicott leads a punitive force against the Pequot, attempts to get tribute payments from the Pequot and when these were not given he burns their village
  • 1636/7 Pequot Siege of Fort Saybrook and Connecticut River
  • 1637 Inter-tribal warfare re-emerges between the Pequot and their enemies the Narragansett
  • 1637 Captain John Mason sent to punish the Pequot at their main village. He was joined by John Underhill. They failed to take the heavily defended village so sailed east and stopped at the village of Misistuck, present-day Mystic.
  • 1637 The Mystic Massacre of women, children and older men who were killed or burnt to death in their village. Only 7 Pequot survived out of an estimated 700 people.
  • 1637 The remainder of the Pequot seek refuge with other southern Algonquian people
  • 1637 June – Great Swamp Fight – Refugees cornered by the English. Survivors led by Sassacus seek help from the Mohawks in New York
  • 1637 July – The Mohawks kill Sassacus and his warriors and send the scalp of Sassacus to the English as a symbolic offering of Mohawk friendship
  • 1638 September – Treaty of Hartford – the Mohegan and Narragansett given Pequot land. The surviving Pequot were unable to find refuge with any other tribe and were sold into slavery
  • Pequot War

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