History Timeline of the King William’s War

Published on September 4, 2014 by Carol

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King William’s War
  • 1640 – 1701 – The Beaver Wars, also known as the Iroquois Wars or the French and Iroquois Wars
  • 1688 – 1763 The French and Indian Wars begin between France and Great Britain for lands in North America. The Iroquois Indians were allied to the British and the Algonquian speaking tribes were allied to the French. The French and Indian Wars was an intermittent series of wars and conflicts consisting of the:
    • King William’s War (1688-1699)
    • Queen Anne’s War (1702-1713)
    • King George’s War (1744 – 1748)
    • French Indian War (1754 – 1763)
  • 1688 (1688-1699) King William’s War (part of the French and Indian Wars) between France and the Wabanaki Confederacy and England and the Iroquois Confederacy.
  • 1689 Feb 13, 1689 The Glorious Revolution. The Protestant William III and Mary II officially replace the Catholic James II as monarchs of England. The English Bill of Rights enables Parliament to control laws and taxes in Colonial America
  • 1689 July, 1689 The French governor of Canada, Count de Frontenac, incites a large force of Abenaki and Pennacook Indians under the command of Kancamagus and Mesandowit to raid Dover, New Hampshire
  • 1689 June 1689, a large force of Abenaki and Pennacook Indians under the command of Kancamagus and Mesandowit raided Dover, New Hampshire, killing more than 20 and taking 29 captives, who were sold into captivity in New France.
  • 1689 August 1689, The French led an Abenaki war party to raid Pemaquid in Maine.
  • 1689 August 1689, 1,500 Iroquois attack the French settlement at Lachine in southwestern Quebec
  • 1690 Count de Frontenac attacks the Iroquois village of Onondaga. France and its Indian allies then attack English frontier settlements, most notably the Schenectady Massacre of 1690 during King William’s War
  • 1690 The Battle of Port Royal led by Sir William Phips began on May 9, 1690 in which the French are defeated
  • 1690 Phips was defeated in the Battle of Quebec
  • 1692 1692 – the Candlemas Massacre, the Raid on York: The French led 150 Abenaki in the attack and over 100 English settlers were killed in York, Maine
  • 1696 The Siege of Pemaquid in Maine
  • 1696 The English retaliated and carried out a raid against Acadian communities
  • 1699 Peace Treaty called the Treaty of Rijswijk was made at Pemaquid. August 11,1693. and was ratified on January 7,1699 ending the King William’s War
  • Source: warpaths2peacepipes

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