History Timeline of the King Philip’s War

Published on September 1, 2014 by Carol

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King Philip (Metacomet) Wampanoag chief

History Timeline of the King Philip’s War

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  • 1621 Background Info: Metacomet or King Philip was the son of Massasoit who had negotiated peace with the Pilgrims in 1621. Peace followed and during this time the Algonquian exchanged Indian land for English guns, liquor, and blankets
  • 1661 The death of Chief Massasoit.
  • 1662 Metacom (King Philip) becomes sachem and leader of the Wampanoag Confederacy. Metacom distrusted the colonists and was alarmed at the number of new towns that were being established by the colonists. Livestock trampled over Indian cornfields
  • 1671 Metacom (King Philip) was humiliated by a summons to Taunton and required to sign a new peace agreement that included the surrender of Indian guns
  • 1674 December: Wassausmon was a ‘praying Indian’ who converted to Christianity and taken the name John Sassamon. In 1674 betrays King Philip by informing Plymouth Colony Officials of his planned attacks on Colonial Settlements. His betrayal starts King Philip’s War
  • 1675 June 8: Three Wampanoag Indians were tried for the murder of John Sassamon and executed
  • 1675 King Philip is incensed by the executions which he sees as an encroachment of his tribal authority
  • 1675 June 20: King Philip makes a sudden raid on the border settlement of Swansea
  • 1675 June 28: Settlers send a Military Expedition to retaliate for the raid
  • 1675 July 8: Settlements of Middleborough and Dartmouth are attacked. Other tribes become involved in the hostilities
  • 1675 July 14: Settlements in Plymouth Colony are attacked
  • 1675 August / September: Many other settlements are attacked
  • 1675 September 18: Battle of Bloody Brook
  • 1675 October 5: Town of Springfield is destroyed and half the inhabitants are killed
  • 1675 November 2: Governor Josiah Winslow leads Militia in a reprisal against theainst Narragansett Tribe
  • 1675 December 16: Great Swamp Fight in which the main Narragansett fortified village in Rhode Island is attacked by the colonists
  • History Timeline of the King Philip’s War – 1676

  • 1676 March 12: Major attack on Plymouth Plantation
  • 1676 March 26: An incident called Nine Men’s Misery occurs in Rhode Island in which nine colonists were tortured by the Narragansett Indian tribe during King Philip’s War
  • 1676 March 26: Providence is completely destroyed
  • 1676 May 18: Captain William Turner of the Massachusetts Militia lead 150 men against the Narragansett and their chief, Canonchet, is killed
  • 1676 June / July: Indian defeats prompt the desertion and surrender of some tribes allied to Metacom (King Philip). King Philip’s wife and son are captured and imprisoned
  • 1676 August 12: Metacom (King Philip) is killed by an Indian informant in the service of Captain Benjamin Church after his hiding place at Mt. Hope in Rhode Island is betrayed
  • 1676 Metacom (King Philip) was beheaded and quartered, and his head was displayed on a pole for 25 years at Plymouth
  • 1676 After King Philip’s death in 1676, Indian resistance collapses and the bloody conflict called King Philip’s War comes to an end
  • Source: warpaths2peacepipes

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