Herbal Herbs

Published on May 10, 2013 by Casey

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Herbal Herbs - Dogwood
Herbal Herbs – Dogwood

Herbal Herbs

Definition of Herbal Herbs: What are Herbal Herbs? Herbal Herbs are natural plant substances used to treat and prevent illness and aid the healing process. In spiritual or medicinal use any of the parts of natural plants might be considered “herbs”, including the leaves, roots, flowers, seeds, seed pots, resin, berries, root bark, inner bark and cambium (the green growth layer just next to the bark) or other parts of the plant.

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Herbal Herbs and Native American Healing & Cleansing

The Native Americans believed that natural Herbal Herbs are affect the spirit or soul of the person. Spiritual Healing, which includes the use of natural herbal herbs, is undertaken by the Shaman or Medicine Man of the tribes and is based on the healing practices and beliefs of Native American Indians. This type of healing combines elements of spirituality, ceremonies and rituals using natural Medicinal Herbal Herbs for healing and cleansing.

Sacred Herbal Herbs – Rituals, Spiritual Cleansing and Smudging

Natural Herbal Herbs have long been used as the basis of traditional Native American herbal medicine and spiritual healing, with its usage dating back to the ancient cultures of North America. Natural Herbal Herbs strongly feature in the ceremonies and rituals of Native Americans and used for their hallucinogenic and narcotic properties to induce Trance States, spiritual experiences and Spiritual Journeys for rites of passage rituals, such as Vision Quests. Many of the Medicine Men or Shamans used natural herbal herbs such as sweetgrass, white sage and cedar for spiritual cleansing, healing and for Smudging Rituals.

The Medicine Man and the Herbal Herbs

The Medicine Man, or Shaman, became an expert in his knowledge of Herbal Herbs and how they should be used during spiritual experiences and the healing process. Over 2000 medicinal plants were used as natural herbal herbs by the Native Americans in all the different tribes across North America. The Shaman spent his whole life identifying and collecting such plants and herbal herbs. His knowledge of plant life and natural herbal herbs extended to the medicinal properties of trees, ferns, flowers, nuts, vines, grasses, shrubs and forbs (a broad-leaved herb other than a grass, found growing in prairies, fields and meadows.

Preparing Herbal Herbs

Medicinal Herbal herbs are prepared in several different ways as each of the herbal herbs release its healing powers in distinct forms. Methods in the preparation of Herbal Herbs included making infusions (hot teas), decoctions (boiled teas), tinctures (using alcohol and water extracts), macerations (cold soaking) in order to make powders, ointments, poultices, and salves. The Medicine Man, or Shaman, required the knowledge and skills to use Herbal Herbs as remedies for the vast variety of ailments treated by modern doctors. The following Chart of Herbal Herbs provide details of the names of common plants used by the Shaman as medicinal herbal herbs and those used in ceremonies and rituals with hallucinogenic, amnesiac and narcotic properties, including the use of tobacco as one of their herbal herbs.

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