Fast Facts about the History of Alaska Indians

Published on June 22, 2013 by Casey

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Aleut Man and Woman
Aleut Man and Woman

Fast Facts about the History of Alaska Indians

Alaska is a state in northwestern North America. There are many famous Native American tribes who played a part in the history of the state and whose tribal territories and homelands are located in the present day state of Alaska. The names of the Alaska tribes included the Chinook, Tillamook, Eyak, Salish and the Tlingit. The Native Indians of Alaska was divided into several groups. The Tlingit, Haida an Tsimshian (coastal Indians) consisted of several Indian tribes and are also known as First Nations. The Aleut lived in the Aleutian Islands off the coast of mainland Alaska. The native Athabascan Indians inhabited the interior of the state. There were two groups of Eskimos, the Inupiat (Northern Eskimos) and the Yupik (Southern Eskimos).

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The way of life and history of Alaska Indians was dictated by the natural raw materials available in the State of Alaska. The natural resources and materials available provided the food, clothing and houses of the Alaska Indians. Fast facts about the history, culture and life of the State of Alaska Indians. Discover facts and information about the history of the State of Alaska Indians.

Name of State: Alaska

Meaning of State name: Named after the Aleut word “Alyeska,” meaning “great land.”

Geography, Environment and Characteristics of the State of Alaska: Coastal Plains, hills, broken terrain

Culture adopted by Alaska Indians: Arctic and Sub-Arctic cultures

Languages: Chinookan, Athabaskan and Algonquian

Way of Life (Lifestyle): Hunters and Fishers

Types of housing, homes or shelters: Igloos (Snow houses) and Sod Houses

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