Facts about the King Philip’s War

Published on September 1, 2014 by Carol

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Map of the 13 Colonie

Facts about the King Philip’s War – Why was Metacom given the Name King Philip?
The tradition of crowning a Native Indian chief as a king started in 1608 when Chief Powhatan, the father of Pocahontas, was crowned as a king (see picture of the coronation Powhatan Wars). King James 1 of England saw the Indians as subservient to his rule but the powerful chief “was sent a crown, with brilliant trappings and regalia, for the solemn coronation of Powhatan.” His family were referred to with royal titles such as Princess Pocahontas. Cockacoeske was the wife and Indian chief and following his death was recognized by the Colonial Government as “Queen of Pamunkey”. Metacom was another powerful Indian Chief who was referred to as a king. Metacom was believed to have been given the nickname of King Philip by the Puritans, because of his haughty mannerisms, similar to the hated Catholic King Philip II of Spain. Metacom or King Philip as the colonists called him, became leader of the Wampanoag Confederacy in 1662. He was the second son of Chief Massasoit and was also known as Metacomet and Philip of Pokanoket. The Wampanoag were sometimes referred to as the Pokanoket, from the name of their principal village.

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Specific Causes of the King Philip’s War
What were the specific causes of the King Philip’s War? The specific causes of the King Philip’s War at a local level were:

  • Bonds built between the first colonists, see the Pilgrim Fathers, were broken with the death of Metacom’s father, Chief Massasoit
  • Trade declined between the Native Indians and the Colonists. The Indians ran out of goods to trade and only had their land to bargain with
  • Livestock trampled over Indian cornfields
  • The colonists adopted ‘heavy handed’ tactics with the Native Indians
  • Metacom (King Philip) was humiliated by the summons to Taunton and the requirement to sign a new peace agreement and surrender guns
  • A series of forts and an increasing number of towns were built antagonising the indigenous tribes
  • The betrayal by John Sassamon and his subsequent murder antagonised both sides
  • Source: warpaths2peacepipes

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