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Published on August 26, 2014 by Carol

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Emma Yepa – Swirl Melon Pot

Emma Yepa was born in 1968 and has been making pottery since 1987. She specializes in stone polished Swirl Melon bowls, and seed pots. She digs her clay from the Jemez Reservation, uses natural slips and fires her pottery outdoors and in a kiln. She was taught by her mother Ida Yepa. She comes from a very active family of potters, including her sister Marcella Yepa and her aunt Alvina Yepa. She has won awards at Eight Northern Pueblos Indian Arts & Crafts Show, and Santa Fe Indian Market.

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Emma Yepa is an Award Winning Jemez Pueblo Artist. Her melon style swirl pottey is coveted by collectors and enthusiasts alike. Emma Comes from a long line of Noted Jemez pueblo potters including her mother Ida Yepa, her grandmother Reyes Toya and her Aunt Alvina Yepa. Although young, Emma has over 20 years of pottery experience since she began the trade at the young age of 13.

Emma Yepa learned as a small child from her mother Ida Yepa and aunt Alvina Yepa along with a long line of Active artisans. She has won numerous awards for her craft throughout the Southwest. She has placed at eight Northern Pueblo Indian Arts & Craft Shows and Santa Fe Indian Market. She continues to explore new techniques and designs for her pottery. She enjoys making traditional and contemporary pottery. Specializing in the kiva tips and Swirl Red/Green Mesa Clay.

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