Eagle Kachina Doll

Published on February 2, 2013 by Casey

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Eagle Kachina Doll Golf Trophy Collection
Eagle Kachina Doll

Eagle Kachina Doll

This Eagle Dancer Kachina is part of the Golf Trophy Collection. The Golf Trophy Collection includes 31 Kachina dolls from Navajo and Hopi tradition.

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This collection is finely crafted by hand and care has been put into the detailing. Each Kachina Doll is made the old fashioned way, intricately carved out of genuine soft wood by hand. This is a highly collectible work of art that will grow in value over time. It is decorated with genuine Turquoise, buckskin leather, feathers, and fur. This brilliant Kachina Doll is 13″ tall (including the Cedar base) and 5″ wide. Signed by the Navajo Indian Artist including census number.

Kachina Dolls are gifts given in hope of future abundance and health, as well as tools for education. The Kachina dolls of today’s art market are a bridge not only between the spiritual world and mortals but also between Hopis and non-Hopis. Each year Kachinas come, they walk upon the earth and they dance to bring life and renewal. When the Kachinas return to the spirit world at the end of the planting, they return with prayers of the Hopi that we might all continue on this earth for another round in the circle of life. There are more than 250 different kachinas, each with its own separate attributes, representing everything from animals to abstract concepts. The Hopi were the original Kachina doll carvers, using a single piece of cottonwood root. The Navajo began carving in their own creative way adding leather, feathers, beads, and turquoise. For over 2000 years the Indians of the Southwest have danced beneath the heavens, praying to the great spirits for rain and a bountiful harvest. These spirits are embodied by Kachinas (ka chee`nas). Kachinas represent the spirits of created beings like the soaring eagle and the cunning wolf. During religious ceremonies, the Indians dress up in the elaborate costumes of Kachinas in a celebration of the harmony of creation.

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