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Published on June 24, 2014 by Carol

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Knives by David Jones

David Jones is my Christian name. My Choctaw name is Buffalohorn. My family’s Choctaw name is Hardwood. We are of the Turtle Clan; I am a full-blood Choctaw/Delaware Indian and a registered artist of the Choctaw Nation of Southern Oklahoma. I spent 17 years in the Marine Corp; several years as the Director of Emergency Medical Services on the Navajo Nation.

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My life changed in a single day sixteen years ago, when I was reflecting on my tribal heritage. The inspiration came to me that I was to make a pipe. I did not know where to begin, but I began by finding Catlinite, the red stone generally used for pipe bowls. Having no mentor, and being self taught was a long process.

Since then I have studied and researched the many different styles of Native American Art, including but not limited to pipes, dance rattles, the breast plate, the pipe axe and other items, most generally used by the Choctaw nation. My work has been distributed around the world and is on display in museums and Universities

All of my pieces are original, made with my own hands and personal tools. I use only genuine materials. All of my art comes from inspiration – there are no patterns for anything I create. They vary from piece to piece.

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