Animal Medicine: Antelope

Published on November 10, 2012 by Amy

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Animal Medicine - Antelope
Animal Medicine – Antelope

Antelope People are learning to use their senses to home-in on the issues at hand and know that a higher purpose is being asked of them for which they were placed on the earth in the first place. Antelope People are learning to use their senses to take action . . right now!

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When Antelope Medicine grabs your attention it is asking you to use your natural antenna and sensory perception. Antelope is a silent and typically shy animal, using his keen sense of hearing, sight and smell to home-in on his surroundings. When Antelope “senses” an enemy, he will freeze in his tracks blending in with the environment until the enemy has passed. His medicine is his prized hollow antenna’s used for wisdom and stillness.

Antelope has powerful hindquarters and when startled they’ll run with a peculiar bounding stride as if they are bouncing over the terrain like a giantic rabbit. There are some species of antelope that can reach speeds up to 60 miles per hour, which makes them one of the fastest land animals. Their ability to run gracefully and swiftly leads to their association with the wind.

Antelope’s horns are sacred for both medicinal and magical powers in many areas of the world. In the Congo, they are believed to confine spirits. In Christian iconography, the antelope’s two horns are a symbol of the two spiritual weapons that Christians possess.

Antelope’s message is about developing the awareness to use the bodies senses to develop silence through contemplation, meditation and thought so that you can take quick action at a moment’s notice which will drive you toward your Higher Purpose.

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