Abraham ~ Tigoransera

Published on January 25, 2011 by Carol

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Mohawk Indian Rendering

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Mohawk Indian Rendering

Little Abraham (Tigoransera), a Mohawk chief who lived in the community ofTiononderoga in New York’s Mohawk Valley and who tried to guide hispeople, and the Iroquois in general, through the dangers of the American Revolution.Caitlin Fitz, a doctoral candidate in Yale’s history program, uses Little Abraham to explore the logic of and difficulties facing Iroquois efforts to pursue a policy of neutralityduring the Anglo-American conflict. She examines what neutrality meant to LittleAbraham, both by considering his own words and actionsand by situating him within thecontext of eighteenth-century Iroquois diplomacy. She suggests why he chose and maintained such a policy from the beginning of the Anglo-American war in 1775 until his death in a British prison at Fort Niagara in 1780.


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