About Dream Catchers…

Published on January 1, 2014 by Amy

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About Dream Catchers
About Dream Catchers

Dream catchers are/were Ojibwe/Annishnabe/Chippewa (all same tribe). We have gotten TRULY tired of hearing how they came from the plains tribes, the southwest, & the most common of all “According to Sioux Legend, …” I swear there must of hundreds of these darned tags at galleries all over the globe with each gallery owner “swearing” that a “Sioux” artist gave it to them… They all act surprised when you tell them that no “Sioux” artist would refer to themselves this way. I’ve been quite inactive the past month or two due to an “overload” work schedule, but I do “scan” the list weekly for subjects of import to myself & my son. I believe Jim Shupe posted the results of research that myself & Mary Ritchie put together last year to give to non-Ojibwe who truly want to learn something of our culture. Most of the Ojibwe language input is from Mary. As Elders located in the East & in California, we hear a lot of weird questions/stories and since my son sells Dream Catcher “kits”, it is important to us to be as accurate as “humanly” possible.

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