Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards

Published on July 23, 2014 by Amy

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Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards
Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards

The logo for the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards combines a stylized figure holding on to the wings of a bird. These fluid forms merge to form an overall image — a single feather.

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The figure represents the emerging Aboriginal artist. The bird can represent a variety of things including a dream, one’s own artistic vision, a spirit of determination, or the excellence and achievement that come from years of practice and performing.

The imagery of the logo — the figure taking hold of the wings of the bird — reminds us that in striving for excellence in their art, Aboriginal artists have caught hold of something that takes them, and us, higher. It also alludes to the hope that the developing Aboriginal artist receiving this award will be taken to a new level of recognition and accomplishment, a milestone in his or her career.

The overall impression is one of a single feather, standing upright. This image imbues the logo with an undeniably Aboriginal flavour that makes it unique and memorable. Feathers carry symbolic significance for many Aboriginal peoples across the country. Whether the recipient is from the south and sees it as an eagle feather, or from the far north and reminds him or her of their own strong connection to the land, the symbol encompasses positive and empowering imagery that allows people to form their own meanings.

This, of course, is inevitable and welcomed as any rationale for a logo is only a starting point. As with all logos, its true meaning will evolve over time as artists and the voting public engage with the Aboriginal Peoples Choice Music Awards and make it their own.

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