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Cherokee Indian Holidays

Cherokee Indians celebrate each new moon in a specific manner in accordance with their religious bel… Read More

The Bound Children

There once lived a widow with two children the elder a daughter and the younger a son. The widow we… Read More

Cherokee Indians Diet & Food History

The Cherokee Indian tribe was forcibly moved to Oklahoma along the infamous Trail of Tears in the 18… Read More

Native Plants in the Cordilleras Creek

The native plants that exist today along the Cordilleras Creek, in Redwood City, California Read More

The Wasna (Man) and The Unktomi ( Spider)

Once upon a time there appeared from out of a large belt of timber a man attired in the fat of the b… Read More

The Seven Cherokee Clans

Family kinship ties in the Cherokee tribe are determined by the mother's clan. Read More

Cherokee Ceremonies and Ceremonial Objects

The Cherokee don't have pipe carriers or pipe holders as do the Lakota or other Plains Indians Read More

Unktomi (Spider) and the Arrowheads

There were once upon a time two young men who were very great friends, and were constantly together.… Read More

Last Free Tribes in Kansas

Ten different indian tribes populated the area we now call Kansas at various times. Read More

The Origins of the Buffalo Dance

When the buffalo first came to be upon the land, they were not friendly to the people. When the hunt… Read More

Indian Wood Carving

Wood carving is a vigorous Cherokee Indian craft. Its styles have been shaped over time by White mou… Read More

Chief Mountain - Blackfoot Legend

Many years ago, a young Piegan warrior was noted for his bravery. When he grew older and more experi… Read More

Native American Dance Fan

Native Americans made dance fans from natural materials to use in their ceremonies. Read More

Origin of the Sweat Lodge - Blackfeet/Piegan Lore

The Piegan tribe was southernmost at the headwaters of the Missouri River in Montana, a subtribe bel… Read More

Indian Headband Napkin Holder

These Indian headband napkin rings are wonderful Thanksgiving crafts for children to make. Read More

Native American Ball and Triangle Game

Native American children created their own means of entertainment like this Native American Ball and… Read More

Why The Blackfeet Never Kill Mice

"There was much quarreling among the animals and the birds. You see the Bear wanted to be chief, und… Read More

Make Native American Sand Painting

You can purchase playground sand, collect sand from the beach or even use colored craft sand for thi… Read More

Native American Sand Art Arrowhead Necklace

As we near Thanksgiving we often study the history of our country and the Native American Traditions… Read More

The Buffalo Rock - Native American Lore

The buffalo rock, as called by the Blackfeet Indians, was usually a fossil shell of some kind, picke… Read More

Make A Native American Bowl

As the kids study the history of our country and it’s original settlers, show them how to Make A Nat… Read More

Cherokee Ancestry

How to Explore Your Cherokee Ancestry

The Cherokee Nation once encompassed large portions of the southern United
Seminole Tribe of Florida

The Meaning of Flag Colors to the Seminole Tribe of Florida

The Seminole tribe of Florida is comprised of several Native American tribes located
Navajo Indian Rugs

How Navajo Indian Rugs are Made

Traditional Navajo rugs are made by hand, on an upright loom, using wool from Churro
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Famous Native Americans
  • Cody Lightning ~ Cree Cody Lightning (born August 8, 1986) is a Cree Native American actor. He is son of Georgina Lig...
  • Arvel Bird ~ PaiuteArvel Bird, a Native American Flutist/Celtic Violinist, is known around the world for his drama...
  • Clayton Thomas-Muller ~ CreeClayton Thomas-Muller, of the Mathais Colomb Cree Nation also known as Pukatawagan in Northern ...
Cherokee Indians

Cherokee Indians Diet & Food History

The Cherokee Indian tribe was forcibly moved to Oklahoma along the infamous Trail of
Cordilleras Creek

Native Plants in the Cordilleras Creek

The native plants that exist today along the Cordilleras Creek, in Redwood City,
Masks of The Seven Clans

The Seven Cherokee Clans

Family kinship ties in the Cherokee tribe are determined by the mother's
Did You Know?

The State of Wisconsin's name is from the Chippewa Peoples word "Ouisconsin" which translates to "grassy place."

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Wilfred Bellegarde

Wilfred Bellegarde ~ Saskatchewan

I appreciate the education young people are recieving today, and I hope they use it
Saskatchewan Indians

Walter Dieter ~ Saskatchewan Indian

Senator Dieter was born May 31, 1916. Walter was raised on the Peepeekisis Reserve
Roland Crowe

Roland Crowe ~ Piapot First Nation

Roland Crowe, was born in 1943 as a member of the Piapot First Nation, resides in
Native American Carding Sheep's Wool to Prepare it for  Weaving a Blanket.      

Navajo Indian Art- Rug & Blanket Weaving

Ethnologists believe that the Navajo were influenced by the early Pueblo blanket
Navajo Indian Basketry

Navajo Indian Basketry

When is comes to making baskets, their utility is as important as their religious
Santo Domingo jar in polychrome, 1910.

Santo Domingo Pottery Making

The Santo Domingo Pueblo is located approximately midway between Albuquerque and